Marilyn Levy's goal throughout her 30+ years of experience has been to help her clients find peace in their otherwise difficult situations - comfort may not be conceivable when you face your pain alone. You can work on the healing process and restore your quality of life. No one should suffer stress for long periods of time.

Establishing solid mental health can prevent related physical illness. Being treated in a safe, nurturing environment will enable you to live with renewed strength and confidence for enjoying your life.

Effective and rapid relief occurs when EMDR Therapy is utilized. Transformation from unsettling mood disorders, distressing/reoccurring traumatic memories can be minimalized (and/or normalized). Many troubling physical disorders that are connected to these issues can be improved.

The result of EMDR Therapy (in addition to the other therapeutic modalities provided during your therapy) enable you to be the healthier person you deserve to be. Consider permitting Marilyn to guide you out of the unrest in your present life to a life really worth living.

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